uc-logic 3d graphics 5.5×4 usb drawing tablet

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UC-Logic offers a wide range of tablet sizes from 3 x 2 x 6 cm to 8 cm, a series of specific needs of customer requirements such as graphic design, signage, writing (HWR), or Wacom Pen documents and notes to create presentations. Our graphics tablets provide 512 or levels of pressure sensitivity, so much to write or draw, users will be able to perfect a line or an image with the pen to get to UC-Logic. In addition, tables show “hot spots” that enable users to perform links to the most frequently used programs or options menu

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wacom technology – accessory, intuos 3 grip pen for (zp501e)

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This ultra-comfortable pen has a soft grip surface, which Wacom Pen reduces grip effort. Both the tip and the eraser is pressure sensitive. Comes with a free pen stand. With each Intuos3. Wacom Intuos3 accessories are designed with patented cordless and battery-free. They are for use on the Intuos3 tablet will not work on Intuos or Intuos2

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vistablet original vt12 silver

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Vistablet compressed 12 “(1210 format), the new standard in graphics tablets Wacom Bamboo. Pen is already a little” time. I was recently made available to the public. These tablets are ideal for professional graphics and photos, students and general requirements for handwriting on a Mac or PC. VisTablet you can surf the internet, draw, paint, write, highlight and do professional or home photo montages. Vistablet included the latest features and benefits required and expected of a board and made available to all

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ivistatablet graphic slim 5.8 (experience power of pen and handwriting in everyday e-life)

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digital pen, writing, and power and in the days of life. Experience with Smart Wacom Tablet 5.8 is the experience could have a pen, note taking, handwriting recognition and gesture in honor of creating unique and mouse data and digital ink and your life. Click cordless pen and a piece of writing everyday computer use, writing custom e-mail. Do a more pleasant, to impress, and fellow public school teachers. Compact and small flat, ideal for laptop users and travelers

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